J.C.  YOU are beautiful in so many ways. Keep it up! Love your blog!!  6.25.13, 6:51pm
Arch!tect  Love these pictures!  11.14.12, 3:32pm
Carabeth  I just want to say I am absolutely addicted to your phenomenal photos. I come to your site about once a month to "catch up" on your preojects. You are the most talented artist! Some of your photos make me smile, some make me think, some make me tear up, some make me giggle. I just hope that I am lucky enough one day to have the HONOR of being on the end of your lense. One day! I am determined. :-) You have such a beautiful talent.  10.3.11, 8:00pm
Nancy Gignac  Ksenij and Danielle just photographed the wedding and reception of my son and his wonderful bride. I can not express to anyone reading this what a fun, positive experience it was. You will not be disappointed with these lovely ladies.  3.27.11, 4:10pm
JE  you r my idol. your photos are awesome :)  9.10.10, 3:04pm
Deb  I have been turned on to you by Jaq....I am using your site to show me a better way to live...thank you for your passion and inspiration  8.11.10, 8:42am
jaime   im obses s e d !  7.27.10, 5:46pm
Aya  If your energy, and passion were bottled and sold, people would be ADDICTED, and it would be featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things. I love you, I love your love, your love for love, and everything else you do that creates an even more amazing energy of love.(did I say LOVE? ;) It is a true honor to be able to see the world through your eyes through your pictures, and feel the emotions that you feel when you see them. You literally take my breathe away...over and over and over! I know you're going to pave an even more incredible journey of inspiration, and I'll be in the front row watching. Can't wait to see what's ahead and what's to come in the world of ksp!  7.27.10, 9:22am
Brett  Love your list of things you heart! I'm a huge fan of sitting on the end of docks, but unfortunately don't get to do it much living in the concrete world of Newark and New York City =(  7.25.10, 9:35am
CJ-we met in Ethiopia  LOVE the pictures and comments on Aster! You are very talented...can't wait to see more pics from Ethiopia  6.11.10, 11:09pm
Bonnie Dudzinski  Enjoyed seeing you again at Matt & Aya's baby shower. You are a beautiful person inside and out with such passion for life! Your photos show your love for your work.  11.22.09, 5:33am
Ivica  nasao sam tvoj fbook site preko prijatelja i moram priznati da zam uistinu iznenadjen i u neku ruku ozaloscen..... :-) keep it up...  10.15.09, 2:59am
sanja  O, Ksenija, kako ste lepi :) Ostanite takvi!  9.10.09, 6:03pm
Megan  Ksen, I'm in love with your site! Your style and photographs are beautiful! I love the passion you bring to this industry. I look forward to exploring your blog...you've been bookmarked! Happy Shooting!  6.24.09, 9:06pm
Lara  Ksenija, you are GORGEOUS! Such a lovely series of photos.  2.22.09, 8:04pm
Jaclyn  Ksenija could you BE any cuter?!? These photos of you are darling!!! I'm so glad to have met you at the J* shoot at WPPI, and I'm having a ton of fun perusing your site! I'm just in love with the mood of your work. Modern, colorful, gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying the rest of your week at WPPI!!  2.18.09, 10:41am
James Pierowich  I was so pleased to meet you the other day. Your attitude about your work is so much like mine. I love it. And I love your work. And I know photo! LOL. Hope to send you all my newly engage ed's!  10.6.08, 11:13am
kathy  hoped you loved caseville!!! sorry we couldnt spend more time together it was sooo nice meeting you  8.6.08, 11:53am
yvonne belletini  look forward to meeting you in caseville.  8.4.08, 11:23am
ksen :)  danielle! you crack me up! :D i heart you BIG time!!!!!  4.27.08, 4:25pm
danielle  I blogging you RIGHT NOW... scandelous! This is a complete secret  4.26.08, 11:21pm
johnny olsen  great images :)  11.19.07, 3:39pm
ksen  hi jamie!!! thanks SO much -- it is so great to hear from you! i really appreciate your comment & hope that everything is going terrific for you! thanks so much for stopping by the blog & feel free to browse as much as you want! ;) hope this finds you smiling.  10.8.07, 12:58pm
Jamie Clemons  Hi Ksen!!! I don't know if you remember me but I worked with you at MAC. I think I was still at Southland before you left. I just wanted to tell you how amazing all your work is! I just wanted to keep browsing your blog haha!!! Glad to see that everything is going so well and you're so happy! Cheers =)  10.8.07, 9:56am
boba  You are so beautiful, I am paff! Nela, do you know really own sutch a beauty?It was worth getting there! I believe Olga can see her, somehow.And all of you, of course. And she is enormous talent.Let the World see you and your art, Xenia. Boba  9.1.07, 3:02pm
Danielle  Ksen, you are so cute~I luv these photos of you...Your so photogenic~~  8.24.07, 8:31pm
ksen  danielle! we *heart* you big time!!! I am just so happy to have you join our team. ; )  6.13.07, 11:44am
nella   Hey Ksen-- I got your email, thanks so much I can't tell you how much fun I had that day w/ you and mike...thank you guys a trillion times... I have a feeling this is a beautiful thing! Happiness -Danielle  6.11.07, 2:00pm
ksen : )   kim! you are so sweet!! thank you SO much for your comments & compliments... I am soo glad you like the blog! more fun stuff to come. : )  6.1.07, 9:48pm
Kim  I agree with Kimberly, I feel like EVERY picture you take turns to beauty. I love the blog, and enjoy looking at all you photos  5.31.07, 10:35am
ksen : )   i just wanted to take a moment & thank everyone SO very much for all their incredible comments, kind words & enormous support!!! I truly *heart* you all. : ) thank u!  5.18.07, 11:46am
Kimberly  You are one beautiful lady. I love your site & your blog. Does everything you shoot turn to beauty becaue that's all I see when I look as your art. You are not only a vendor I heart but a person I heart and admire.  5.17.07, 1:02pm
Jamie Bieniek  Love your site! Great job!!  5.4.07, 11:04pm
Amy Hoppe  Congrats on your fantastic website! Everything looks great, and you have really captured a personal aspect of yourself! Good Luck!  4.30.07, 6:54pm
Sandy K. Edwards, Dir. of Operations  You look so beutiful! I really think your website is fantastic. I'm so proud of you!  4.30.07, 2:50pm
Sandy K Edwards  You are soooo beautiful! I miss you!  4.30.07, 2:48pm
John Doe  Who did you hire to take these amazing shots?  4.30.07, 12:51pm
Mike  Isn't she gorgeous?  4.30.07, 12:50pm
brandy  Love these photos of you!!  4.30.07, 12:31pm