Julie McInerney   This was amazing. So impactful and will be applying them beginning NOW! Thank you for sharing your anxiety struggles and ways to deal with it. I am sure you are using these every day as I know this was written earlier this year. Hope all is well xo Julie  11.4.20, 9:10pm
Mark Woods  Thanks for sharing.We think of you often through the pictures you have taking of our children. We are grateful that you captured the essence of them and treasure the images. Something that has helped me to remain centered is a thought reminder that a visualize in shavasana. I say G.R.A.C.E. - Gratitude, Responsiblity, Attitude, Commitment and Effort. I think through all the people I am grateful for in my life. Then flow through all my thoughts and actions that I am responsible for...then I commit to the attitude and effort of being the best version of myself. Basically, I say GRACE to myself and move forward with a lot of positive energy.  7.19.20, 10:54am
Teri  I love your 10 tips Powerful magic. Thank you for putting in words that which I am feeling. ??  2.3.20, 8:53pm
Kathy Richardson  Thank you for taking the time to love on and reach out to others with what you have learned Ksenija! I love you and your heart that searches for all that the Lord is willing to give-to help us in times of trouble. Bless you my sweet friend!  1.31.20, 9:28am