Alexa  I'm so happy for you guys and I can't wait to meet baby Ostach!  4.17.14, 2:32pm
JoAnna  Congratulations! What terrific news. Enjoy and may your blessings continue!  3.22.14, 12:58pm
Mo Riehl  So Happy and EXCITED for you all!!!  3.20.14, 5:01pm
ksen :)  thank you thank you thank you everyone!!! <3  3.14.14, 9:52am
Tricia  Congrats!! Tom told me the news at lunch today! Happy for you all!!  3.13.14, 10:59pm
Tricia  Congrats!! Tom told me the news at lunch today! Happy for you all!!  3.13.14, 10:59pm
Diane Spahn  So happy for you and Mark!! Congratulations!!  3.13.14, 10:50pm
barbie f.  congrats Ksen!!! LOVE this news!!! :) yay!!! so happy for you both!  3.13.14, 10:32pm
Kyrstin  Amazing news!!! Such a blessing and a wonderfully uplifting thing to hear!!!!  3.13.14, 9:50pm
ksen :)  THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! your words, love & support mean SO much to us. <3 we are beyond thrilled for this new journey & feeling very, very blessed. :)  3.13.14, 8:25pm
Erin McB  Congratulations, Ksen! So incredibly happy for you! GAHHHH  3.13.14, 5:38pm
nicole haley  awww! congratulations, ksenija! so happy for you!  3.13.14, 5:01pm
Eli  [Insert happy dance!]  3.13.14, 3:42pm
Michelle  Congrats Ksen!!! So happy for you and Mark...and for baby, what a lucky little bundle they will be to have you:)  3.13.14, 1:53pm
Debra Cryderman  Oh Ksenija!!! Congratulations on your little gift from God!!! God has heard your prayers and given you a blessing for your patience and faithfulness! I will keep you in my prayers! You, Mark & your little one! I am sooooo happy for you!  3.13.14, 10:41am
denise  wonderful news!! congratulations ksen! becoming a mom is such an amazing journey and such a blessing...enjoy every moment. :)  3.13.14, 10:37am
Jessica Chalker  Best news!!! So happy for your family. What a lucky baby!  3.13.14, 9:35am
Jane Q  Adorable announcement! Babies are a joy & a blessing. Congrats!  3.13.14, 9:16am
ang  woo hoo!!!!!!!!!  3.13.14, 9:04am
Chels  Love this adorably sweet little illustrated story--maybe writing/illustrating children's books is in your future! CONGRATS Ksen & Mark!! We couldn't be happier for you! We are so looking forward to meeting Baby Ostach! You 2 will make the most amazing parents! Enjoy this special time in your lives! Love and hugs to you! xoxo  3.13.14, 8:51am