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  Monday, 7.8.13


40 weeks

  Thursday, 9.18.14

today is my due date for our little bundle.

yes, that's right... 40 weeks, 10 months!!!

it's definitely in a way hard to believe we are already here... especially since i had many questioning moments of whether i would get here at all... & the fact that it took us a while to get pregnant didn't help lessen my worry any bit.

there are SO many wonderFULL things i have learned throughout this pregnancy & journey that i look forward to sharing in posts to come -- especially all my pregnancy faves.

however, this post is quite simple.... it is a note of pure gratitude & a pause to reflect on these past 10 months. it is a deep breath & sigh of thankfulness.

it is also a little note to let you know that i will be on maternity leave until January 5th, 2015.
until then, please email my awesome assistant Angela HERE with any questions or to book your next session or event!

as 'scary' as that is to write seeing that my "job" is actually an enormous extension of me that fuels my PASSION, LIFE & LOVE --
it is also one of the MOST exciting things to actually allow my fingers to type!

truth be told, i have absolutely NO idea what to expect of all that is to come as our babe decides to joins us...
but i am ready. i have been ready for so long...
& i can't even fathom the extension of LOVE that will be infused through me, through US,
because of this miracle inside of me.

i thank you all for your patience as we get ready to enjoy this very special time.
i thank you for allowing me to be open & honest & express things on this blog that are sometimes the most 'scary',
yet BEST things, to share.
i thank you for always supporting me & my family.

sweet Heather was over recently
& with her insistence,
we did a super quick little impromptu sesh in the nursery.
neither Mark or i dressed for the occasion ...
& to be completely honest,
i was definitely NOT feeling like getting photos taken of myself at all.

however, i am SO thankful she gently nudged us into taking some.

i will treasure these sweet little moments before Baby "O" entered our world forever!
Heather, thank YOU again for taking these photos.

until the next time... most likely when this baby arrives!!!
all my love,


tara & jay

  Tuesday, 9.16.14

first, i just have to say, i absolutely ADORE these two!
...and i'm pretty sure you are going to feel the same way after checking out their engagement photos below. they have an incredible zest and passion for life, know how to have fun anywhere & are totally crazy about each other. they exude LOVE in all forms... & i am so honored to have been able to capture it!!

below are some of my top favorites from their engagement session in downtown Detroit, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more images!

a HUGE shout out & thanks again to the awesome Detroit Public Library & Great Lakes Coffee Midtown for letting us do our thing!

Tara & Jay,,, you two are the BEST! Mark & i had so much fun with you guys and could not stop talking about how evident your love, respect & admiration is for each other. it is truly a beautiful thing to be around & SUCH a pleasure to capture! i hope these images make you both smile BIG ... i cannot wait for your BIG day in April! with great gratitude & heart, always, ksen

tara + jay =

a TOP fave, hands down



and JUMP!

you know, just taking a little 'pause' in the middle of the streets of Detroit

nature at it's best

>> love <<


how can you NOT smile with these two?!

Tara is incredibly passionate about books...
so much so that she is starting a new independent bookstore called Bookspace
"located in the heart of Detroit, rooted in its community and elevated by its devotion to the written word."
for more info about Bookspace, click here! naturally, this environment in the Detroit Public Library seemed quite appropriate

love the perspective of this image!

...the way Jay looks at her

we ended their engagement session where it all began....
The Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown, Detroit


are they G O R G E O U S, or what?! seriously now!

it's the 'little' moments that say SO MUCH.

Tara & Jay, may you continue to embrace EVERY moment to the fullest
and never, ever, lose that incredible spark you so effortlessly carry for each other.

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their engagement session!


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