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  Monday, 7.8.13


katherine francesca

  Wednesday, 4.1.15

please meet the ever so darling Katherine Francesca (named after both her grandmother's --
how special is that?!).

i had the absolute pleasure to capture this sweet pea's 3 month photos, along with her gorgeous family & i just couldn't get enough of her!! from her adorable expressions & endless curiousity, she is literally a doll.

below are some of my top favorites from their sesh, however, as always, be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more photographs!

Heather, Jeff, Katherine & Lass,,, thank you guys for inviting me into your home. i so enjoyed capturing you all & your undeniable, tremendous LOVE! Katherine is one lucky girl to have such an incredible family. i hope these images & moments captured make your hearts smile! with gratitude & heart, always, ksen

without further ado,
the beautiful miss Katherine Francesca!

the gorgeous fam!

THAT smile!

ps. i have yet to blog about all my favorite baby items since becoming a Mama…
however her pacifier, also called a Wubbanub,
is one of my TOP faves hands down!

literally surrounded by
L O V E !

i just want to squeeeeeeeze her!!

oh, why hello there beauty!

'strike a pose'

love this, so so much.

a big part of motherhood is defined by many of these 'tiny' sweet moments…
& to me, there is nothing more beautiful.

>> heart <<

their lab Lass, nicknamed 'Skinny' ,
happened to also steal my heart that day... such a good big sister!

love is :

a top favorite, hands down!

what love looks like…


Heather, Jeff, Katherine & Lass,
your love for each other is truly beautiful.
here's to it growing & shining bright, forever!

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their portrait session!


a letter to my son

  Wednesday, 3.25.15

becoming a mother has changed me in ways i didn't know it would
& as if my soul couldn't become more passionate about life & love,
it has seriously gone to a WHOLE new level.

our sweet babe somehow turned 6 months yesterday & I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY.
shocking, i know.

since having Jobie, my brain has been twirling with ideas & posts & thoughts to share…
so much so that it all has felt a bit overwhelming (in a good way).

so today, as promised, is just the start. i'm dusting off the good ol' finger tips & beginning by sharing a letter i wrote to my son, with a monthly picture sprinkled in between!

a couple quick notes to share first :

>> the stuffed animal, also know as 'LeMutt", & blankie that Jobie is pictured with below were my husband's as a child
>> a full birth story post to come
>> i couldn't get Jobie to stop shimming down the chair for his 6 month photo… which, of course, he thought was absolutely
hilarious. can't wait to see what transpires for our monthly photos in the next 6 months as he becomes more mobile!

my dearest Jobie Voja,

you are 6 months old today, March 24th, 2015,
& i can easily say that for the past 6 months i have started this letter to you far too many times in my head…
yet when it came to putting the pen to paper, i would seem to freeze --

"How in the world am i supposed to encompass the
tremendous LOVE
i have for you…

& ALL of my

for you in a single letter?"

& then it hit me -- I can't.
it is truly an impossible feat.

BUT, what i can do is at least start.
i can at least begin to describe to you what it means to be a Mom to you…
and how you single-handedly changed my life for the better
& gave me an ENTIRELY new outlook the moment you were born. somehow EVERY SINGLE DAY since then has just gotten better & better,
and my love for you
(as if it can't be ANY bigger already)
i literally miss you when you are sleeping.

so that my dear sweet boy,
is just the start.

& the best part is,
there will NEVER be an ending
because my love for you
will follow you wherever you go...

all of my love,

your Mama

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